Project Description
Statuos is a customer driven project management solution that supports subtasks.

Statuos is a project management system designed to support different customers and supports various tasks for each project. I expect for this project to be usuable as a basic project management system but its primary goal for me is practice and learning new technologies.

When complete the system will provide the following.
*AD Authentication
*Customer based authorization
*Live results for projects and tasks with SignalR
*Send email to user when task is assigned
*Reports for project managers
*Easy way to add new types of projects and new types of tasks

What the system won't provide
*A nice UI
  • A basic UI will be provided that can be used.
  • This is something that I will leave up to others to improve for their own projects.

Technologies Used
*Entity Framework

Additional information on starting a new project is available here: Project Startup Guide.

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